Your Guide to Making Your Motocross Gear Last

You don’t need to be told that motocross gear is essential – this is something that you are well aware of. Another thing that you know is that your gear can take a serious beating every time that you are out on the track. So, how can you make your gear last so that you will not have to keep heading to the store every few weeks? If you want to know the answer to this question, you will find all of the necessary information, below:

Buy Good Quality Gear

First things first – the quality of your gear matters. Although you may want to save money and opt for lesser known brands, there is a serious downside to this. These brands tend to use cheaper materials and these can’t be expected to last. This is why you should consider splurging a bit on your gear. So, try to get a Fox jersey, pants, boots, gloves, etc. See, brands like this have been especially manufactured with motocross riders in mind. As such, they are well-equipped to stand all of the debris and abuse that you will encounter on a track. The result of this that you can wear all of this gear for longer without experiencing any real wear or tear.

Don’t Wait to Clean Them Out

Now, when you are tired out from a race, the last thing that you may feel like doing is tending to your gear. Nevertheless, this is exactly what you should be doing. If you don’t wash out the mud or other dirt off, there is a good chance that these stains can set. At the very least, you are going to find that they are a lot harder to get rid of. So, save yourself this trouble and put your pants and jersey to wash straight away.

Always Follow the Instructions

Let’s face it all of those tags on your gear can actually be quite annoying. Before you go lopping them off, though, you may want to take a look at them. These tags contain a treasure trove of information when it comes to taking care of gear. You will find what temperature you should wash the materials at and how they should be cleaned. Most importantly, though, you can discover what kind of detergent that you should use on your gear. In turn, this will help to look good and last longer.

Be Gentle with the Tougher Pieces

When it comes to your chest plate and those tougher pieces of gear, it is easy to imagine that nothing can really damage them. As such, it isn’t uncommon to find people hosing off these parts with power washers and other jets of water. Well, if you do this, there is a chance that you may slightly damage these parts. Or, you may find that any decals or logos will be blown off with the pressure. So, use a hose to get rid of any large or dried chunks of dirt. After this, use a wash rag (along with a bucket of water) and a non-abrasive cleaner for the best results.

Now you know just how to care for your gear so that it will last for longer periods of time. On top of this, the pieces will look a lot better too.

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