Traits of a Successful Ticket Broker

Whether you or someone you know is planning to venture out into working as a ticket broker, there are firstly a few things you need to ground your knowledge in to be successful. They certainly play an incredibly important role for people who love to head to concerts and sports events on the regular, since it makes life a lot easier for them. Ticket booking services are far more streamlined, professionally operated and hassle-free, which is pretty much what most people look for today. So on that note, here are a few things that contribute to a successful ticket broker that will come in useful.

Know the Industry

Frankly speaking, this is a golden rule for any sort of job you are interested in pursuing. Be it technology, medicine, accounting, art, whatever, you must know the industry. Otherwise, it would be like simply walking in blindfolded into a room, not knowing what is there the slightest. This is also actually probably one of the most important steps here. Whilst this can be quite lucrative, remember that it is not for everyone, so you need to manoeuvre your way very carefully, at least at first. Remember, you will be investing a lot of money on stocking up the tickets so you should be well-versed beforehand, not ‘on-the-job’.


Again, this is something that actually stands true for anyone who is looking to establish a start-up of any kind. Unless you have more cash than what you know to do with, accumulating capital can be a stressful and time-consuming experience. It all depends on how you handle it though. If for instance you choose to continue to spend frivolously when in fact you should be saving up, then you cannot really hope to climb out of your rut. As mentioned above, you will need to stock up on tickets which will easily amount to thousands of dollars, so you must have a plan for capital. For the Australian Open 2018 for instance, you should be getting your tickets settled already, since there are some events people like to secure early spots for.


If you are by nature a disorganised person, then you should drop this idea completely, save yourself the trouble and look at other options. However, that is not to say that you would particularly succeed in anything else, because organisation is the number one priority in an entrepreneur. Where ticket sales are concerned, you really cannot afford to have all your information all over the place as well as your tickets in different locations. Your delivery and service needs to be prompt, speedy and on par, else it would be the first and last set of tickets you ever sell.

Offer Discounts

Sure you are waiting to make back all that money you invested and of course, hopefully some more. But that does not mean you should be the Grinch and not include discounts and offers. Your customers will love to receive some sort of offer, so do try and cater to that too. After all, it is the business world’s most successful tool, so you may as well make the most of it!


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