Time to get fit

Every New Year, as people reflect on the previous year and sit down to write their resolutions the words ‘fitness’ and ‘weight loss’ crop up. Time and time again as we look back on what we want to do differently we set ourselves goals of this ilk. Sadly, for most of us, they come up every year, which probably means that when it comes to implementing them, while the notion of getting fit is a good one, the ability to make it happen is much harder. That’s because things like going to gym or running are not for everybody and frankly, not really that much fun to do in the first place. If you want to get fit and stay fit, you need to find ways that you enjoy and which make you want to keep on coming back. Here’s our list of ideas to help you hit your goals for 2018. Good luck.

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Bicycle Fun
We are not talking about spinning here or riding an exercise bike in front of the television. Rather make a plan to go cycle touring and work towards that. Pick a destination that appeals and which is suited to an amateur riding holiday. So probably something flattish and where there are plenty of interesting stops. Think beaches or breweries or distilleries. It’s a great goal to work towards and it is far more tangible than just riding to lose weight. You will undoubtedly have to train but it is training for a concrete purpose, and presumably it’s something that you would do with friends – the vacation and the training. It’s a get fit plan that works on multiple levels.

Ultimate Frisbee
It’s a game that everyone can play: young or old, male or female, and it’s a game that is slowly taking over the world. First played in New Jersey in the 1960’s the game has grown exponentially over the last fifty years to the point where it is now a recognized Olympic sport. But that said there is still plenty of space for the uninitiated to join – there is plenty of running and it can be hard work, but it is also social, fun and for the most part, a great leveller – most new recruits to Ultimate have never thrown a Frisbee before so the team you join will expect to train you and help develop your skills.

Get Busy Dancing
Dancing, be is salsa or ballroom or any other type, is both a great way to work up a sweat and to meet a partner. It’s also a great place to participate in a judgement-free, physical activity that anyone can do. Let your body feel the music, lose yourself to it and dance the night away. For the uninitiated it is a really good work out and if you attend regular classes or dance evenings you will very soon be shedding the kilograms. Also, it has to be said, that dancing is one of the few physical activities where fuller-figured participants can still look extremely graceful and light on their feet.


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