Tennis 101 – Tips For a Beginner

Learning a new sport is like learning to drive. You should give it time and effort and a lot of practice in order to ingrain the instincts of a tennis player in your system. For amateurs, there are a few ways to do this during your first attempts at tennis.

How Do You Know Who Wins?

When playing tennis, the first thing that you should learn is how do you know if you are winning or losing? In other words, you need to know the way of scoring in tennis. If you have watched a tennis match before, then you must have heard the scorer saying the word “love”. Yes, you heard it right and guessed it right. The word “love” stands for zero. If one of the players scored for the first time, then his score is not one point, it becomes 15 points. The next score is 30 points followed by 40 points. At this point, the player who has a score of 40 is considered to be at match point. That would mean that his next score would mean that he has already won the game.

In announcing the score, the points awarded to the server is proclaimed first. If the score is 30 – Love, then the 30 points refer to the score of the player who served. If the game reaches the part wherein the score is tied at 40, then the game is declared a “deuce”. The player who scores next would then be the proclaimed winner.

Scoring in a tennis match tends to be a bit more complicated than other sports and it is important that a beginner understands it first. Watching a game of tennis is always helpful for beginners to learn the basics. Securing Australian open tickets to get your beginner training can be hard but if you can get some, then it should do you good to watch professionals play. Seeing someone good at something you are starting to like is a very inspiring moment.

Where Do You Play?

A tennis match is held within a tennis court measuring 78 feet in length and 27 feet in width. It is enclosed by white lines which also signify that once a ball passes beyond them, it is considered out of bounds and the player who hit the ball loses one point. The game can be done in single play or double player. Each of the court’s sides are marked with white lines. A shorter width indicates the court for use of single players and the wider lines are for two player games. There is also a line that begins from the net to the edge of the court. This line signifies the service line.

Beginning the Game

As with other sports such as volleyball and badminton, the game begins with a serve. This is a very important part to understand. Learning to serve can be done by placing both of your feet just next to the baseline. Then, proceed with standing sideways with your right foot directed to the left post. Hold the ball with your left hand, throw it upward and hit it fully with your racket. In the beginning, your serve can be a bit shaky and uncontrolled. Constant practice can help you with that.

Moving On With the Game

For beginners, watching carefully and having someone to guide you is a very helpful move. A player who has been playing the sport for some time can give good enough advice on how to move on with the game and improve. But still, the results vary from person to person. And it greatly depends on how much you would like to learn and how willing you are to spend the time and effort required to stay in the game.

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