How to Make Your Workout Gear Last Longer

The world is changing, and individuals are becoming increasingly aware of the advantages of living a healthier lifestyle. Eating the right foods and working out have become staples in the lives of many of us. Similar to how kale, quinoa, and chia seeds are a must for many health-conscious individuals, the right workout gear is also fundamental for fitness enthusiasts.

Workout gear tends to be costly, and most individuals prefer not to purchase fitness gear regularly. To maintain the longevity of your exercising gear, consider these tips mentioned below. These suggestions can help you save, and ensure that you get the most wears out of your fitness apparel.


Avoid Tossing Your Apparel In the Laundry Basket

After working out, many persons resort to tossing their apparel in their laundry basket. However, after completing a strenuous and sweaty workout, this is the last thing you should be doing. Odor combined with moisture from the sweat can contribute to a pungent smell and perspiration marks.  Consider hanging your gear to dry. It gives the material time to breathe and dry appropriately.

Choose The Right Detergent, Wash With Cold Water or Hand Wash

When it comes to washing workout gear, it is imperative to choose a detergent that is appropriate for its material and the level of sweat it absorbs. There are detergents on the market that are manufactured solely for fitness apparel, the material it is comprised of and its high soil levels.  These detergents aid in the maintenance of such clothing.

Additionally, washing your workout gear in cold water is beneficial. This is due to the delicate nature of the workout fabric, and also because warm water tends to trap odors and stains. Smelly and stained fitness apparel is the last thing you need, so be sure to follow this step.

Hand washing workout gear is also a great way to maintain its quality. Again, due to its delicate nature, gentle washing is ideal. The longer you retain the durability of your fitness clothing, the less you have to spend on additional clothing.


Keep Your Running Shoes Fresh


Although running shoes can be extremely comfortable, it is important to use them solely for that activity. By doing so, it not only keeps them fresh and unscathed but also keeps them performing at its best.

When used for running, be sure to loosen the laces after each use. Keeping them tied can cause deformities in the shoes over time. Untie them correctly and be sure to take them off with care after each use. Avoid bending the back and front of your running shoes.

If you are an avid fitness enthusiast that works out regularly, maintaining the condition of your workout apparel can be advantageous.  Over time, it will enable you to save money and get the most out of your gear. Asics offers a variety of workout wear for both men and women. Sports bras, running shoes, and other high-quality fitness apparel can be purchased.







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