How To Choose Your Foul Weather Gear?

You may love to get in your boat and just sail off into the sunset and in fact this is one of the most beloved recreational activities around the world. Even if that is the case knowing what kind of gear you need to have ready at any given time can make the difference between a comfortable and safe boat ride and one that is not so great. One of the most important things that you will need to think about is foul weather gear and how you can choose it right. Here are some helpful tips that will be useful if you are trying to buy your first set of foul weather gear.

Is It Daylight, Offshore Or Coastal?

Foul weather gear will usually come in three different varieties. These are day-sailing, coastal and offshore gear. Out of these the one that would give you the least amount of protection from the foul weather would be the day-sailing ones. It will keep the rain off but it will not keep you warm at all or even dry for that matter. You will sweat quite a bit making you feel quite clammy and then cold. Coastal gear would be the best bet to have as a minimum requirement with you no matter where you are. If you are going to go offshore make sure that you have the right offshore gear to match as you could hit a storm even just five miles off the shore and you will need to stay warm and dry. If you think that all this is going to cost you a fortune, simply look up sailing clothes on clearance in Australia and you will be able to find some good quality clothing at affordable rates.

Choosing The Material And Colour

Almost all of the main brands of clothing will use a breathable waterproof fabric layer in the offshore gear. You should always look at getting something that has this breathable layer of fabric so that you are able to stay warm, dry and comfortable without sweating as well. When you choose the colours of the gear that you buy always remember to choose colours that stand out like red or yellow so that you can be seen even from a distance away. It should have reflector tape on the hood, arms and shoulders. Remember that dark colours cannot be seen against the sea and in the night this is definitely the case.

Choosing Foul Weather Pants

It is always easier to buy pants with a bib and suspenders. They are easier to wear and easier to keep the bad weather out at the same time. The pants that you buy should also have Velcro cuffs around the ankles so that you can make then seal up around the sea boots that you are wearing and keep the cold and the water out that way. There should also be reinforced patches on the areas where your knees and your bottom are. The pockets should ideally be like in the case of cargo pants and should be sealable with Velcro strips.

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