How to Be Active: Exercises For Not-so-Sporty Individuals

“Not all individuals enjoy exercising” – Do you think the preceding statement is true or false? If your answer is false, then you are mistaken. Apparently, such statement is true. Yes, you read that right. Not all individuals enjoy exercising; however, they still do exercise simply because their bodies need it. Everybody needs to have regular exercises and strive to live an active lifestyle. Easier said than done. However, let’s accept the fact that there are those who enjoy and those who does not enjoy exercising. Those who enjoy are the ones who eagerly gets up from bed, wears their workout clothes, and elatedly heads out to have fun. The latter, on the other hand, are those who have a hard time getting out of bed and heads out to sweat, but wishfully thinking that the exercise routine will be over soon. Conversely, the wide array of choices that has emerged today allows an individual to select what he thinks will be best for him. Among the choices are as follows:


An individual who encounters difficulty in exercising will most probably love yoga. Due to its stationary movements, there is a probability that you will not even sweat. However, the great thing about yoga is that you are not only exercising your body, but also your mind. Some also regard yoga as a therapeutic exercise, wherein it could lessen body pains and reduce depression symptoms. Yoga helps your mind and body to be at ease and be unmindful of your surroundings. As yoga focuses more on movements such as stretching and lengthening, your body won’t feel tired after it but your mind will improve its level of concentration.

Combat Arts

Aside from yoga, you can also try combat arts. Since combat arts is an umbrella term, it includes other types of martial arts Sydney such as karate, judo, Muay Thai, jujitsu, and many more. Apart from learning combat techniques, you are also expected to improve your stamina and endurance. With all the body movements that you will have to go through, expect that you will also enhance your hand and body coordination. The combat arts improves not only the physical aspect, but also the mental aspect of an individual. Although regarded as a mere physical fitness routine, individuals who dwell into combat arts develop self-discipline and enhance cognitive skills.


Do you think yoga is not for you because it can be somewhat stationary? Do you think combat arts is not for you because it’s too strenuous? Then strike something in between by trying out dancing. Similar to combat arts, dancing, too, is an umbrella term to many other genres such as hip-hop, street dancing, jazz, ballroom, tap, and many more. If you fear that you have two left feet, then worry not. There are private dance lessons that offer one-on-one tutorials to closely monitor the learning progress of the    student.

Wherever it is that you desire to do, always keep in mind that your body needs regular movement. Living an active lifestyle is one step towards a healthy living. Ultimately, find joy in everything that you do. Once you do so, exercising won’t be too much of a struggle.

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