The Greatest Sports Heroes of the Past

Playing sports is a livelihood for many but for the majority of the people in the world watching sports is a well-established past time. Thus, many of these individuals have their own favourite sport which they watch religiously every week. Hence, when you ask them who the greatest sports heroes of the yesteryear are they will obviously pick sportsperson from their favourite sport. Although there is nothing wrong with having a personal opinion in this matter, many of these individuals continue to remain in the dark about sports heroes in other fields. Thus, to enlighten these sports fan the following article will proceed to explore some of the greatest sports heroes of the yesteryear. Furthermore, I would like to take this opportunity to remind the readers that this is not a definite list instead it would be a list containing some of the skilled and dedicated sports heroes.


Muhammad Ali

Can anyone begin a list of this nature without mentioning Ali who was nicknamed ‘The Greatest’.  Furthermore, the sport of boxing would forever be associated with his name because he was the biggest personality to ever embark on a career of boxing. Moreover, one cannot simply restrict him as only being the best boxer because the Times Illustrated bestowed the greatest honor a sportsperson can get by naming him the ‘The Sportsman of the Century’.

Don Bradman

He is considered to be the greatest cricketer of all time because when mathematicians analyzed his batting point average which was at 99.94 they claimed that no sportsman has ever been so far ahead of the pack anywhere in the world. Hence, there is no wonder that Australians have named his as one of the greatest Australians.


Jim Thorpe

Jim Thorpe holds two titles to his name because apart from being named the ‘Greatest American Football Player of All Time’, he was also declared as the ‘Greatest Athlete in the First Half of the 20th Century. This is because he managed to achieve something that no other sportsman ever managed to achieve as aside from football he also decided to try his hand in other sports and ended up winning the 1912 Olympic Gold Medal in both the pentathlon and decathlon.


Babe Ruth

Babe Ruth falls into the same caliber as Muhammad Ali when it came to baseball because during his career he managed to change the face of this sport and bring it to the level it is at now. Thus, his name would forever be associated with this sport. Furthermore, he made several records with the most iconic being, where he managed to be the first baseballer to hit 60 runs in one season which was a record that stood unbroken for 34 years.

As I mentioned before although this is not a definite list the aforementioned sports heroes would continue to be idolized for their achievements.

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