The Different Styles of Yoga

Even though Yoga has been alive since the ancient times it rose to popularity within the last several decades because apart from the countless health benefits it offers to its followers it also manages to place its followers in a state of ease and relaxation. Furthermore, due to the variety of yoga types that are available individuals can easily find a yoga style that would complement both their body type and temperament. However, many individuals may have some difficulty discerning between these different styles. Thus, in order to make this process easier for these readers, the following article would attempt to explain some common and popular yoga styles simply so that they would be able to easily understand the difference that exists between these styles.

Hatha Yoga

This yoga style focuses mainly on the basics and it is a slower moving class and thus requires the students of this practice to hold each pose for a few breaths. Thus, this class is considered to be ideal for beginners due to this slow nature. However, one should also keep in mind that this style of yoga would not allow one to sweat it out but it would leave its students in a more relaxed state than when they began the class.

Ashtanga Yoga

This style is ideal for perfectionists because even though many consider this style to be significantly more challenging and demanding than the other styles, it follows a specific set of guidelines. This means that this practice only contains six yoga poses and the students would be required to perform each of these poses in the same order in each class they attend.

Bikram Yoga

This style is ideal for any individual who likes to sweat or a follow a specific set of procedure because this style only contains 26 yoga poses which have been specifically designed in order to make one’s muscles stronger and flexible. Another unique feature of this yoga style is that it is practiced only in a room whose temperature has been specifically set to 105 degrees because it is believed that the humid nature of the room would encourage the followers to expel more toxins from their body.

Vinyasa Yoga

This style is ideal for the dynamic individuals who are always on the move and even for those individuals who are attempting to build endurance. This is because this is a fast- moving style where the students are not asked to hold the pose for several breaths. Instead, they are asked to be fast in order to increase their heart rates. Furthermore, in order to assist the students to maintain this fast moving pace style fast music is played.

Even though several more varieties exist with the aforementioned guide readers can gain a clear understanding of some of these yoga styles.


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