luminary 'lu:min(e)ri/ noun         a person who inspires or influences other, especially one prominent in a particular sphere

The Cycling Luminaries Awards have been led by the Cycling Promotion Fund and celebrated by the bicycle community since 2003.

As with bicycle riding across Ausralia, the awards have evolved and matured to reflect the bicycle community and the expectations of all Australians.

In 2014, we celebrated the Awards as part of Velo-City 2014, the biggext cycling conference in the world, and after taking a break in 2015, we are back to Canberra in March 2016, for the next awards. This means we will also be celbrating two years of activity.

Joining with the National Bicycle Summit, the nominees and winners will be celebrated in a dinner at Parliament House on March 16 2016, bringing together advocacy, industry and political.

To reflect the nature of the awards, and the desire to celebrate the best, we will this year celebrate three categories:

  • Infrastructure
  • People 
  • Program

The Award winners can be viewed for each category by following the links below;


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